Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mahlukat Bahçesi - Garden of Oddities

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Do the squirrels, hyenas, foxes, owls 
and other strange creatures have something to say? 
Portraits of oddities from an endless garden.
This is an ongoing series of drawings 
by director/writer Ümit Ünal.

Please contact me if you like to buy any of them.
The ones labelled with a (*) have been sold. 

Sincaplar, sırtlanlar, tilkiler, baykuşlar 
ve diğer acayip mahlukat bize bir şey mi demek istiyor? 

Sonsuz bir bahçeden mahluk portreleri...
Yönetmen/Yazar Ümit Ünal'dan 
sürekli bir desen dizisi.

Satın almak için lütfen bağlantı kurun.
(*) İşaretli desenler satılmıştır.


"I told you not to call me a CUTIE PIE again. Didn't I? I did."
"If they ask me what I learned in this life,
This I learned from elders."
"Human life forms vary: Some are like seaweed.
Some are like clouds, some are like tigers."
"For as far back as I can remember,
I've been a vegetarian. Sometimes fish, maybe."
"I didn't notice anything unusual. Then wifey told me
there was some hard patch on my forehead.
Then it happened and we realized it was too late.
Thank goodness, we got used to it."

"My aunt used to call this herb sumthin'...
Begins with a T.
Man, on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember."
"Times are bad mate! Times are bad!
Don't trust anyone, if you get silly
you'll get backstabbers right behind you."

"I never knew what love is, it only exists in films and books.
The whole thing is a dirty bargain,
what you give what you get, are you ripped off?...
That's all what it is about."
"Yes, I am a LEO. How did you guess?"
"I am actually quite sociable.
If you call me an introvert or stuff like that, go look in the mirror."
"I'm fed up with your silly excuses.
You only come up with excuses, then I'm called the bad guy...."
"I never eat cats! Ever!".
"Don't drink! Ok, I won't.
But how am I supposed to cope
with the heavy burden of the evenings?"
"I never tell my dreams anyone.
Dreams of other people always scare me."
"I've tattooed BLACK DRAGON on my back. In CHINESE."
"That's not the issue, mate. The ISSUE is something else!"
"My childhood was a land of fairy tales. I was a fan of BEE GEES."
"So, she didn't come! It wouldn't work with her anyway,
she kept writing YOUR for YOU'RE."
"There is no you and me! There is us. And who are we?
We are the men with a.. err... a good CAUSE."
"We grew up without a FATHER. 
If we had some proper helping hand, we could have been big time."
"I'm telling you, it was a SLIP OF TONGUE.
I meant to say 'Don't touch it!'
not 'Pick it up and eat as you like', honest."
"Yes. When our God was creating the Earth
we were all there in the FIRST THREE DAYS.
But then things got awry."
"Nothing is just BLACK AND WHITE, is that clear bro?"
"No problem, mate! I'm perfectly c..calm."
"Now listen, I can say TO-MAY-TOES and I can say TO-MAH-TOES."
"Most people think that I look like like my mum.
Pity that I never saw her. I don't even have a photo of her."
"Loneliness is a tough racket."

"They push wounded kids into adulthood
but those wounds never heal."
"Those big thoughts don't fit
in 140 characters limit, unfortunately."
"One can touch ETERNITY on the body of a loved one.
If only eternity wasn't that short lived."
"It is impossible to describe some fears."
"From now on, there will be ONLY ONE PERSON allowed to talk.
When everyone speaks up I get confused."
"The most important thing in a relationship is TRUST."
"My mind is clear, my standpoint has always been the same."
"Don't start me up..."
"Every springtime, I fall in love."
"Enough with the CHANGES!"
"I'm a free person. I never learned to obey ORDERS."
"I'm an orderly person".

"Tell me, I'm all ears."
"No news from good old friends... I guess we all died out."
"Describing happiness is not so hard. I am HAPPY, that's all."

"This country needs new traditions."





"I think I'm done."


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